Strawberry Acres

About us

Strawberry Acres has been a continuous working farm since 1820. The original stone home is still in use.

This farm was owned and operated by the Haas family for three generations. The original farm comprising 100 acres was purchased in 1925 by William Haas, a graduate of Penn State University, and his new bride Margaret, of Philadelphia.

They operated the fruit farm as a wholesale operation, and called it Overlook Orchards, Inc., because of it’s location in a valley. Overlook Orchards, Inc. remains it’s corporate name today.

Together William and Margaret had 3 children. Their youngest child, Donald, purchased the farm from his parents is 1961.

He and his wife Beverly, continued wholesaling fruit but also added a retail market, which grew and was moved when the Route 145 highway expanded, and was called The Apple House.
Donald did the growing and wholesaling of fruit while Beverly operated the retail farm market. An additional 75 acres was added to the original tract by purchasing a neighboring farm.

Donald and Beverly also had three children. Their oldest son, Daniel, was helping with the farm at the time of this purchase and expressed an interest in trying a pick-your-own operation. Daniel was allowed to try his endeavors and began pick-your-own strawberries first on rented land near The Apple House.

Eventually, the pick-your-own strawberries were moved on the farm itself in the area purchased in 1979, and the pick-your-own operation became Strawberry Acres.

In 1983, Daniel and his father decided to allow pick-your-own customers to pick the other tree fruits on the farm due to a hail storm that damaged 50% of their crop. It was so well received by the customers that they continued allowing most all crops harvested using the pick-your-own method. Strawberry Acres is now the third largest pick-your-own operation in Pennsylvania.

Daniel purchased the farm in 1984 when his father became ill. Daniel did the growing and some wholesaling of the fruit. His wife, Pam, managed the sales at Strawberry Acres. They closed the retail store on Route 145 in 1993 and moved the retail sales to Strawberry Acres where customers can now pick for themselves or purchase pre-picked fruits and vegetables from the sales tables.

In May 2013, Strawberry Acres was sold to Piyush Patel who plans to continue to operate it as a farm for many years to come.